Convert Likes Into Sales: Social Media For National Speakers Association

So everyone wants to know how do you convert social media fans and followers into customers? Let�s find out OK, fabulous NSA speakers, this is Gina Schreck with SocialKNX

And we�re going to talk about how do you actually convert social media, all the activity you put into social media and social marketing into actual dollars and convert those fans and followers into paying customers? Well, the key is it�s a lot more than just posting to social media, so social media is one of the tools in your toolbox But then we have to take a step back and look at social media�s role is to drive more eyeballs to your website and it�s to build and nurture relationships so people will want to come to your website to find out more about you But once they�re on your website, you need a way to capture their information so that you can continue marketing to them and pull them into your sales funnel So a couple of things to do before you think about social media You need to have a blog on your website where you can have great content going out

It could be video content It could be written content But that content is what your social media will use to drive people to your website You want to pull them in with great content So provide information that�s helpful and interesting

Now, you can also, I call it offers You want to create offers And offers could be an ebook, a whitepaper, a tip sheet You want to create several offers So you might want to start out with three and then build up to five and build up to ten

But your offers, you�ll end your blog post with a call-to-action saying, �Want more information? Download my ebook on this topic� They click on the offer and it�s a landing page that�s going to have them fill out their email address to download the offer And once they download the offer, you now know they were there for that reason So you�re going to track based on what they download, what you will then market to them Whether they�re hiring speakers, whether they�re looking for training or whether they�re just lookie loos that are connected with you on Facebook and Twitter

And they�re probably other speakers So, you want to have those offers then you use your social media to drive people to the blog to download the offers and that will pull them into your sales funnel It�s a lot of work but it definitely pays off in dividends You will see a higher return Number one, you will see a lot more traffic going to your website because you�re not just talking about yourself and you�re not just pointing them to other content

You�re actually pointing them back to your content that shows your expertise And then you can actually get a little more detailed with what you market to each person You can customize your content when you see that someone has downloaded your offers then you know they�re interested in a specific topic because of what they downloaded And you can even send a direct email You can send a tweet or a Facebook post, �Oh, I was just thinking about you

� And send them an article or a link to something again to build and nurture that relationship That is how you will see more dollars come out of all your social media activity And I hope that this is helpful If you want more information, check out our website because we have tons of great offers for you to download there And that obviously is at www

SocialKNXcom You can connect with me on Twitter, @GinaSchreck And I would be happy to answer any questions you have but make sure you�re out there marketing